See the best of the Durango area and have fun on the way!

Tours for two with Rober as your local guide, through the prettiest local areas of Durango, Elorrio, the Atxondo valley and country roads around Urkiola.  Pick up from Durango station or Eguzki B&B.  


  -  Durango - Garai - Goiuria - Durango

      60 minute tour                    60,00€ for two

A ride around the old town and pretty country lanes up to the villages of Garai, with its ancient holly oak (the Encina de Etxeita) and Goiuria with wonderful views over the valley.  Pick up and drop off from Durango station or Eguzki B&B.  

  -  Durango - Elorrio - Durango:  monumental route stopping in the square to see the splendid Basilica (the largest in Biscay) then up to the Argiñeta necropolis and rural districts such as Zenita.  Pick up and drop off from Durango station or Eguzki B&B.

      60 minute tour                   60,00€ for two

  -  Durango - Atxondo: Axpe, Arrazola - Durango:  see our 'little Switzerland' from close up, passing through rural districts of Abadiño, along to Atxondo valley, up to Axpe with a stop in the square before going down to Arrazola, and back to Durango.

     60 minute tour                   60,00€ for two

  -  Discover the Duranguesado:  combined tour of the prettiest routes, from the old town of Durango for Mendiola, Atxarte/Urkiola and on to the beautiful Atxondo valley with Axpe and Arrazola in the morning.  Stop for lunch and a little walk, before Rober picks you up for a tour of Elorrio and Argiñeta in the afternoon and back to Durango.

Around 5 hours  (3 h with guide, 2 h for lunch)            140,00€ for two

Lunch will be arranged with a local restaurant at client's own expense.